1. atomicovermind:

    NOTE: This was originally posted by Greg Costikyan over at Gamesutra. It was taken down for excessive profanity. All I haveto say is “fuck that.” This needs to be read.

    Gamersgate: STFU by Greg Costikyan

    "As a male voice in the game industry," writes my daughter Vicky, "you should speak out…


  2. kochalka:

    Oliver drew this man and colored it with sap from a plant that grows in our back yard.  Why did he erase the man’s hat?  I liked the man’s hat.


  3. eyeonspringfield:

    That’s the problem with being middle class - anybody who really cares will abandon you for those who need it more.

  4. vgjunk:

    Tetsuya Nomura’s Final Fantasy VI concept art.

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  5. abobobo:


    tamagotchi sonic is so cute omg

    Sega Saturn de Hakken!! Tamagotchi Park (Sega Saturn). Ancient, 1998.


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  7. paperbeatsscissors:

    my main on kart.


  8. austinkleon:

    Hans Hofmann Drawings

    Boston Globe:

    Executed with a matchstick dipped in ink, and sometimes made on the fly in his roadster, the drawings come across as breezy finger exercises. The more you look at them, though, the more you see… Most of the works here were made in the 1930s, soon after Hofmann emigrated from Germany. He was in his 50s, so to call these drawings “early” seems a misnomer.

    More on Hofmann here.

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  9. cowsgomoose:

    "I’m D-N-A- - - anyways, It’s DANDY!"

    I was busy being amazed by one of my favorite Ink artists ever, Metteo Scalera, and I just got that urge to make some inks of my own. It feels good to ink again, it’s been so long!


  10. obscurevideogames:

    select - The Outfoxies (Namco - arcade - 1995)